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    Finding online space for your website can be really tough. There are thousands of companies selling webspace, often referred as 'Web Hosting'. We have selected ten major companies which we all can recommend.
    This is the amount of actual space available
    for storing your website on the web server harddrive.
    This is a measure of how much website traffic is available to you.
    Every time somebody looks at your website, data has to be passed over the Internet from the web server where your site is hosted to the browser of the person looking at your site
    The number of how many email accounts you can have with the web hosting account.


buy web space

     The Top 10 Companies where you can buy Web Space with professional features.

    First of all you have to think about the purpose of your website(s), and what kind of web space meets your requirements.
    For more than 95% of all websites on the web, every selected web space plan in our Top 10 is more than adequate.
    We have made sure that these companies offer fast and reliable quality hosting for your valuable website.
    The web space companies in our Top 10 are reviewed by experienced webmasters and ranked according to reliability,
    value, customer service and features. In this process the feedback from visitors is the most important factor.
    In the Top 10 you will find a clear overview of the ten major web space companies that are offering their services to business and
    to professional individuals. This comparison includes features like diskspace, bandwidth, available email POP3 accounts,
    SQL databases, CGI and PHP scripts and FrontPage extensions, most companies offer even more than that.
    For more details you are welcome to visit their sites, just use the links provided in the overview below.

Unix/Linux is the most common web hosting platform, given its reliability and cost effectiveness. Whether you're looking for great prices,
generous disk space and bandwidth allowances, or specific technical features, you're sure when you buy webspace at  a match
among the listings here to make your homepage work,inclusive cgi-scripts, guestbook, forum and all the other stuff you want.

If your website is Access/MS SQL database driven or relies on development tools such as Active Server Pages and Cold Fusion,
a Windows hosting plan may be just the ticket for your webpage. You can buy web space on servers with Windows if you need it..

Every site has a domain name. Ours is To get yours, check out the companies in this area.
Most companies in our top10 offer a free domain when you buy webspace from them..

Merchant accounts allow you to accept credit cards, and in some cases also online check payments. Some of the service providers below
provide accounts that are bundled with hosting plans. Others offer assistance with payment gateway integration -
so that you're able to process transactions online.

Shopping carts are software that automate the process of selling products online. They offer storefronts, signup and purchase forms,
and integration with payment gateways and other merchant services. They come in all forms from simple, web-based customization
that requires little tech savvy, to advanced, which allows for the most intricate of branding and customization.
Most E-commerce/Storefront hosting packages bundle shopping cart software within their offerings, so often if you buy web space you'll
get this software for free. .

Control panels allow a customer to set up, customize and maintain their site on a server. Shared Hosting services include
control panel access to accounts so customers can see their site’s activity and customize files, permissions and other related activities.
But if you’re running your own server from scratch, you’ll need to purchase and install your own control panel.

File backup is very important. If a site is backed up properly and crashes, no information is lost; improperly, and the customer’s loss
could be catastrophic. Backup services vary from cheap and simple to expensive and complex, and this variation usually depends on
the frequency of backups made. Whereas a simple, static site will only need to be backed up every so often, high-end, high-traffic
business sites often require real-time backup, so if the site goes down, the site may only lose a split-second of information.

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